Sep 222022
Citrix NetScaler Two Factor Authentication for Admin Access (Part 1)

So many articles out there on setting up MFA for your vServers.  I couldn’t find much on setting this up for the admin portion of ADC.  Part 1 deals with a simple configuration using ADC Radius, pointed to Duo for admin authentication and MFA.  In Part 2 I will deal with more complicated configurations using […]

Jul 072022
When FSLogix migration goes wrong...

When a UPM to FSLogix profile big-bang migration ends up in a total train wreck. Storyline: I have used a migration script, modified from the David Ott script, which you can find on this website, and it works very well. But the script will not detect damaged or bad UPM profiles, and that’s when the […]

Jun 222022
The Complete Guide: AzureAD SAML Authentication into Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops through Citrix Gateway

Took me a while to get this blog post going. There is a lot of information out there. It took me looking over a bunch of other blogs to get this working. I figured I would write up everything I learned and found in this guide. Thanks to the following references. Aaron Parker, Carl Stalhood, Jason Samuel, and Anton […]

Apr 272022
VDA Memory sizing

In my current project work, I have been tasked to configure our VDAs (Windows Server 2016) to claim all memory in VMware, and disable all dynamic memory mechanism on the ESXi hosts with 512 GB of memory each. I’m sharing my notes in this blog post for future reference.

Mar 192022
Citrix Tech Talk - Under the hood of Citrix Cloud

Find the notes from the latest Citrix Tech Talks: Under the hood of Citrix Cloud Replay Link Citrix Cloud: new consoles and plans to bring them to on-premWEM: optimizations development still in progressSession Recording: new agent for compliance recording and troubleshooting, available in the ISO.App Layering: with new UI experience, release of 2112 version of […]

Mar 182022
MCS Storage Capacity Planning

The global formula to calculate MCS storage capacity planning, according to the Citrix knowledge base (see Machine Creation Services (MCS) Storage Considerations), is the following: (number of defined storages in selected hosting connection * number of max. expected updates until complete reboot of machine catalogue and 12h wait time * actual image size * number […]

Mar 172022
Point and Print user driver install

Following the “PrintNightmare” security vulnerability for the Windows Print Spooler Service and the subsequent KB applied by Microsoft, (see KB5005010: Restricting installation of new printer drivers after applying the July 6, 2021 updates), and updates released on August 10, 2021 or later have a default of 1 (enabled) for RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators. As a consequence, the users get […]