Oct 242017
Citrix UPM Profiles to FSLogix Profiles Conversion Powershell Script

NOTE: This only works between like profile versions.  eg. You can’t migrate your 2008R2 profiles to Server 2016 and expect it to work.  See this chart. I moved from UPM to FSLogix earlier this year, and decided to write my own powershell script to convert the UPM profiles to .vhd.  FSLogix has its own conversion […]

Dec 052016
Using Citrix Workspace Environment Management to Redirect Folders via Symbolic Links – Speed Up Logon

Background Using Citrix Profile Management with profile streaming enabled should keep your logon times pretty low.  Recently, they updated the version of our Antivirus (Trend Micro) to the latest, and suddenly I started seeing desktops fail with “session prepare failure” errors.  After much investigation it had something to do with the behavior monitoring feature of […]

May 062016

If you have tried to use Windows 10 in XenDesktop with Citrix Profile Management you have probably run into two major issues. The Issues The first issue is the start menu… which is now a database located at %localappdata%\TileDataLayer\Database.  At logoff when profile manager tries to copy it off it can’t due to services locking the […]

Nov 242015

Have you ever excluded a directory after the fact, and realized that Citrix Profile Manager does not remove the directory from the store? Have you noticed “AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore” or “AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent” filling up with tons of small files/empty folders – most of which are old as dirt (delaying logon)? Have you pulled out your hair over […]

Feb 182013
XenApp 6/6.5 Profile Optimization

Profile Optimization and “How do I speed up login times?” generally go hand-in-hand. These have to be two of the most important and most talked about items when it comes to delivering XenApp desktops. There are lot of different philosophies and strategies with regards to this, and in this article I’ll simply talk about what […]

Jan 312013
Cookies not saving in XenApp 6/6.5 with UPM?

  I’ve been running in my 6/6.5 environment since the beginning with UPM and didn’t even realize that the cookies were not saving properly. Apparently this is a known issue and the fix is simple! You need to add 2 things to your UPM Group Policy object. First, Add “AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies” to the “Folders to Mirror” […]