Dec 192022

I have developped a small app to replace the “Reset Profile” button in Director, that Service Desk agents love so much, to work with FSLogix.

The application is a client/server model so the application doesn’t require admin rights to work. With ACLs on the executable only Service Desk and Admins can run it. The application can be published in the Start Menu for easy access.

The application will do the following:

  • Check periodically if a reset request has been logged by a service desk agent
  • Check if the user exists in Active Directory
  • Check if the environment is Production or Test
  • Check if the profile is locked
  • Reset (rename) the profile in each location (SMB shares)

The service desk agent type in the username (sam account name), click on “Reset Profile” and then click on “Refresh Logs” to see the result of the action. If the username doesn’t exist in AD, or if the profile is locked, this will appear in the application interface.

The application works with a frontend VB script compiled with AutoIT, and a PowerShell script running on a management server with a service account with rights to rename folders in the SMB shares. The app has been designed to work with Cloud Cache and multiple file shares.

The frontend application send a text file containing the username information to a share on the management server. The PowerShell script will check for request files in the local share, process the request, and delete the request file.

The VB script in AutoIT is the following:

And the PowerShell script running on the management server:

Just compile the first script, that’s your app.
Run the PowerShell on the management server.
Create a local share on the Management server in:

I run the compiled app from:

And the logs are read from:

Update the server names to match your environment. Enjoy!

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