Sep 222022
Citrix NetScaler Two Factor Authentication for Admin Access (Part 1)

So many articles out there on setting up MFA for your vServers.  I couldn’t find much on setting this up for the admin portion of ADC.  Part 1 deals with a simple configuration using ADC Radius, pointed to Duo for admin authentication and MFA.  In Part 2 I will deal with more complicated configurations using […]

Aug 102020
How To Setup GeoIP on Citrix ADC (NetScaler)

I recently tried to figure out how to block non-USA countries from accessing my NetScaler Gateway page on my ADC. I tried to follow some old documentation. This Citrix Article, this, this, etc, all have old, outdated information. I will put together this quick post on how I got this accomplished. First, I had to […]

Mar 202015
Configure SMS2 with Netscaler (Free 2 Factor Authentication)

EDIT:  People have been requesting a tool to deploy SMS2 secret keys en mass, and the developer hasn’t implemented it yet.  Until he does I wrote a powershell script that will remotely connect to the sql database and inject the information needed for each user you select (  I have it setup for TOTP keys… […]

Oct 222014

Look like update ESXi550-201410101-SG 5.5U2 that causes network issues Netscaler VPX appliances. See the discussion at: There is now a validated work around: 1) find where loader.conf is located on NetScaler VM    #find / -name loader.conf For the uploaded NetScaler VM, there are 2 loader.conf: ./flash/boot/defaults/loader.conf and ./flash/boot/loader.conf, we only need to change the first […]

May 302014
MultiDomain NS Setup with single AG Vserver and single pair of WI Servers.

This will go over how to setup a single Access Gateway Vserver connecting to Multiple Domains using a single Pair of web interface servers.  This might sound confusing at first but in reality its pretty strait forward.  This article assumes that you already have some basic knowledge of how to setup netscaler and xenapp with […]

Nov 072012

Citrix is hosting a master class on netscaler, join if you can! Come and join us for our latest NetScaler Master Class. Go back to basics as well as find out what’s new and what’s coming up soon. This webinar event provides you the opportunity to learn about the features of the NetScaler, the tips […]