Mar 182022
MCS Storage Capacity Planning

The global formula to calculate MCS storage capacity planning, according to the Citrix knowledge base (see Machine Creation Services (MCS) Storage Considerations), is the following: (number of defined storages in selected hosting connection * number of max. expected updates until complete reboot of machine catalogue and 12h wait time * actual image size * number […]

Mar 172022
Point and Print user driver install

Following the “PrintNightmare” security vulnerability for the Windows Print Spooler Service and the subsequent KB applied by Microsoft, (see KB5005010: Restricting installation of new printer drivers after applying the July 6, 2021 updates), and updates released on August 10, 2021 or later have a default of 1 (enabled) for RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators. As a consequence, the users get […]

Dec 232021
Reset user profile folders permission

Preamble It’s a day before Christmas. Everything is fine. Or so it seems. But suddenly, no one can access their UPM profile.A quick look at the UPM profile folder, and the CREATOR OWNER permission has been removed accidentally by someone and propagated to all subfolders. The users have been “locked out” from their own profiles.P1 […]

Sep 242021
Zoom optimizations for CVAD

Summary This guide is geared around explaining how Zoom and Citrix work together, and it will show you the Architecture and provide information for what is needed on the clients. There is information added in the document for education purposes as well. At the time of writing this blog, I tested everything on an older […]

Oct 212020
Low Bandwidth Policy

Introdution The Citrix WAN optimization policy (or “low bandwidth” policy) aims to compress and reduce the bandwidth used by the ICA protocol by lowering the visual quality for users with slow and unreliable connections. This article will benchmark the best possible configuration for the low bandwidth policy in a Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 environment. Testing […]

Aug 102020
How To Setup GeoIP on Citrix ADC (NetScaler)

I recently tried to figure out how to block non-USA countries from accessing my NetScaler Gateway page on my ADC. I tried to follow some old documentation. This Citrix Article, this, this, etc, all have old, outdated information. I will put together this quick post on how I got this accomplished. First, I had to […]

Apr 052020
SSMS: Windows Authentication from a non-domain joined computer

When trying to connect to a domain-joined Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with a domain authentication (user account belonging to the same AD Domain as the Microsoft SQL Server) from a non-domain joined computer or a computer joined to another non-trusted domain, you get a “login failed” on every connection attempts. The solution (or workaround) is […]