Dec 232019
Citrix WEM On-Prem Upgrade 4.5 to 1811 "This can be used as guidance up to 1912"

This is an older upgrade, but you can still use it as a reference point. There are a lot of guides out there, and this isn’t to repeat any of them, but how I did it. Great blogs WEM Upgrade Process *NOTE*I use BISF for all my images, In this post, you will […]

Jul 292019
FSLogix Profile Compacting Tool

Update: Added cli functionality.Update: Added 2nd pass of defrag to fix the profile ballooning issue that sometimes occurs.Update: Added ability to target profiles over “X” size for compactingUpdate 3/31/2020: Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the new tool to run as a scheduled task. Fixed in version 2003.1 This post is an updated version of […]

Mar 132018
UPDATE - FSLogix – Pre-Mount OneDrive Junction Points – Don’t Kill Your XenApp Server’s Drive Space!

——–UPDATE 3/28/2018 ———- Starting with FSLogix 2.8.12 you no longer need to do this.  Great work FSLogix! From their release notes: “• An issue with first time OneDrive installation has been resolved. The issue occurred when OneDrive was installed for the first time, and OneDrive syncing began. The FSLogix agent would not redirect the OneDrive […]