Nov 132020
Adding Nutanix Plugins for CVAD

We recently purchased a 28 Node Nutanix setup. We currently have a good chunk of Citrix VAD in VMware. During the design, I was a bit confused about what plugin went where. After looking back, It’s straightforward now. I wanted to take the opportunity and help put this little quick guide together. That people who […]

Oct 232020
How I run a Defrag a PVS Target vDisk.

This quick write-up isn’t anything advanced. Most of you out there know this. But some may still question it. We know there is a lot of documentation around PVS and Martin Zugec is updating a lot of this within Citrix Tech Zone . This is more of a confirmation that running a defrag on […]

Oct 212020
Low Bandwidth Policy

Introdution The Citrix WAN optimization policy (or “low bandwidth” policy) aims to compress and reduce the bandwidth used by the ICA protocol by lowering the visual quality for users with slow and unreliable connections. This article will benchmark the best possible configuration for the low bandwidth policy in a Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 environment. Testing […]

Sep 032020
CVAD 7.15 upgrade to 1912.

This is a guide on how I upgraded my site from 7.15 flat all the way to 1912. I also included moving off 2012R2 to 2016 DDCs with some troubleshooting situations you might run into. I covered the basics of upgrading Licensing, DDC upgrades, Storefront upgrades with NS VIP configuration, PVS upgrades, WEM upgrades, VDA […]

Aug 122020
Upgrading or replacing the SQL Local DB for Local Host Cache for 1912 CU1

There has been some recent change to the LTSR article around Local Host Cache upgrades When upgrading Delivery Controllers to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops version 1912 or 2003: Upgrading SQL Server Express LocalDB is optional. Local Host Cache works properly, with no loss of functionality, regardless of whether you upgrade SQL Server Express LocalDB. […]

Aug 102020
How To Setup GeoIP on Citrix ADC (NetScaler)

I recently tried to figure out how to block non-USA countries from accessing my NetScaler Gateway page on my ADC. I tried to follow some old documentation. This Citrix Article, this, this, etc, all have old, outdated information. I will put together this quick post on how I got this accomplished. First, I had to […]