Apr 222020
Citrix MCS dedicated machines reboots

MCS Static Reboots in Studio During this COVID-19 I had to build 500 VDI desktops. During this time, I could only use dedicated machines because of how some software is licensed. I didn’t really care for this, but I had to do what was needed to provide remote support. This was my experience, in getting […]

Dec 232019
Citrix WEM On-Prem Upgrade 4.5 to 1811 "This can be used as guidance up to 1912"

This is an older upgrade, but you can still use it as a reference point. There are a lot of guides out there, and this isn’t to repeat any of them, but how I did it. Great blogs https://www.carlstalhood.com/workspace-environment-management/ https://www.mycugc.org/blogs/cugc-blogs/2018/07/20/how-to-update-citrix-workspace-environment-managem WEM Upgrade Process *NOTE*I use BISF for all my images, In this post, you will […]

Dec 132019
Citrix CVAD USB guidance

Contents Generic VS Optimized USB Support. This is one of those deals that can drive you mad. USB devices in Citrix. In my experience, this is big in health care, and Banks. Typically, users that interact with users a lot! I must admit, the USB docs are here, there, sideways, upside, and backward. The Docs […]