Apr 192018

I’ve come across a strange configuration in a recent XenApp deployment. I had to implement Folder Redirection on a XenApp server pointing to a local OneDrive folder on the client, shared as a network drive “\\client\onedrive$”.

So all I needed to do was to configure the Microsoft Folder Redirection in a GPO right? Wrong. The built-in redirection mechanism was not very happy with the network path “\\client\onedrive$”. I had recurrent failed drive mappings in the event logs and the users wouldn’t get their XenApp documents redirected to their local One Drive folder.

After several attempts, I finally decided to go via the old fashioned way hacking the User Shell Folders in the Registry. But with Windows 10 and Server 2016 the registry keys and values have changed since the Windows XP-7 era. It’s less intuitive and I had to dig to find what GUIDs was used to point to a local Document or Desktop folders. Finally, the setup is working fine! But I wanted to leave a billet with the GUIDs I needed to hack in the Registry to manually point the XenApp user folders to the client’s One Drive shared folder.

Now the list of the GUIDs you may use to manually implement folder redirections:


Documents (redirection 1):

Documents (redirection 2):

Pictures (redirection 1):

Pictures (redirection 2):

Music (redirection 1):

Music (redirection 2):

Videos (redirection 1):

Videos (redirection 2):



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