Apr 032017

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The first script I wrote was from before Citrix added real powershell functionality into PVS.  This new script leverages the new powershell module.  I am not exactly sure when they first added this into PVS (if you know please comment below), but this was developed using PVS 7.12.  Pay attention to comments marked with multiple hash tags (####) – these are places you will need to edit the script to fit your enviroment.

Here is the new script

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  1. The added real PowerShell support with PVS 7.8 but you can install the console from 7.8 to 7.13 on any 7.x version to get the real PoSH support.


    This script will give you every detail about your PVS farm.

    • Hey Carl! I downloaded your script, and I had to edit it a little for my environment. Maybe it is just mine… idk. When adding the pssnapin it is actually loaded as a module, so your script looking for pssnapin isn’t finding Citrix.PVS.Snapin. I just added “ipmo ‘C:\Program Files\Citrix\Provisioning Services Console\Citrix.PVS.SnapIn.dll'” at the script start, and commented out the check in the processscriptsetup function. After that it works great.
      A lot more info than the one I wrote, and with more output options.

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