Mar 052016

An interesting script from Technet forums to remove Windows 10 Bulit-in Apps and Windows Store for a corporate build :

$AppsList = "Microsoft.3DBuilder", # 3D Builder
    "Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub", # Get Office
    "Microsoft.SkypeApp", # Get Skype
    "microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps", # Mail & Calendar
    "Microsoft.People", # People
    "Microsoft.CommsPhone", # Phone
    "Microsoft.WindowsPhone", # Phone Companion
    "Microsoft.XboxApp", # Xbox
    "Microsoft.Messaging", # Messaging & Skype
    "Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection", # Microsoft Solitaire Collection
    "Microsoft.ConnectivityStore", # Microsoft WiFi
    "Microsoft.Office.Sway", # Microsoft Office Sway
    "Microsoft.Office.OneNote", # Microsoft Office OneNote
    "9E2F88E3.Twitter", # Twitter
    "Microsoft.WindowsStore" # Windows Store

ForEach ($App in $AppsList)
 $Packages = Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $App}
 if ($Packages -ne $null)
  "Removing Appx Package: $App"
  foreach ($Package in $Packages) { Remove-AppxPackage -package $Package.PackageFullName }
 else { "Unable to find package: $App" }

 $ProvisionedPackage = Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -online | Where-Object {$_.displayName -eq $App}
 if ($ProvisionedPackage -ne $null)
  "Removing Appx Provisioned Package: $App"
  remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online -packagename $ProvisionedPackage.PackageName
 else { "Unable to find provisioned package: $App" }

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