Apr 032013

So I like to have a group that can run every and all published application so I can login and at least smoke test them.

Thats far to much clicking for me, so powershell to the rescue.

Those 3 lines gets Citrix_Admins into EVERY published application, not to shabby.

Lets take it a bit further, you need to add say multiple groups, but only to a folder of published applications..

No problem..

So in my environment all my MMC’s etc are published in the Applications\Utils path for readability.

But wait, what was I thinking, giving domain users access to all my published utilities!

No problem we can use the same trick in reverse to rid ourselves of those extra accounts.

Now there is a neat glitch, if you run these powershell commands with a actively running AppCenter you’ll need to select applications and hit F5 to refresh and actually see your changes did take effect.




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