Apr 222020

MCS Static Reboots in Studio

During this COVID-19 I had to build 500 VDI desktops. During this time, I could only use dedicated machines because of how some software is licensed. I didn’t really care for this, but I had to do what was needed to provide remote support. This was my experience, in getting an automatic reboot with MCS Static (dedicated machines) 

  1. Set the DG to this
  2. I set the peak hours to be 24/7
  3. Then I set when the user logs off it will shut down the machine
  4. I will explain this in more depth below
Machine generated alternative text:Edit Delive Power manage machines: Grou Wee kdays Studio Machine allocation Desktop Assignment Rules Delivery Type User Settings Sto reFront Scopes Power Management Access Policy Apply Peak hours: 00:00 During peak hours: When disconnected When logged off During off-peak hours: When disconnected When logged off 03:00 06:00 mins nuns nuns 09:00 No action Shut down No action 12:00 15:00 18:00 21:00 Cancel

5. We have a disconnect timer set to 5 minutes, after 5 minutes it will log the users off, then based on “when logged off-Shutdown” select above will kick in sending the machine in a shutdown state

Machine generated alternative text:Disconnected session timer User setting - ICA\Session Limits Enabled (Default: Disabled) s6sion timer interval User setting - ICA\Session Limits 5 minutes (Default: 1440 minutes)

6. In order to have machines power on automatically during peak hours run the following command against the Static/Persistent Desktop Delivery Group. I had to set the CLI in each DG to make it seem that the machines are assigned and to turn back on. I found this command on George Spiers site.

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “test Desktop” -AutomaticPowerOnForAssignedDuringPeak $true

7. What the command does is it will tell the Catalog to turn the machines back on during the peak hour windows. Being our peak hour windows is set for 24/7. I guess you can say, it created a reboot schedule 12

8. Here is an example of a Session that is in a Disconnected stated.

9. Session time in disconnected state (in 5 minutes it will log me off, and trigger a shutdown)

10. After the timer hits 5 minutes you can see what happens below.

11. In VMware the results, Once the Disconnect time happens, or the users actually logs off.

12. VDA registered 30 seconds later.

13. Desktop Launched successfully. 7:41 pm