Aug 312015

Another Netscaler – Powershell script leveraging Nitro!
This script will create a Cipher Group with all the right Cipher Suites (depending on VPX\MPX), or let you select one you have already created, and assign it to any ssl vserver.  NOTE:  Very important!!  If you do this to a XD/XA gateway – all users connected through that gateway will be disconnected!!  (they can of course just re-connect).  Below is a video from my test environment.  You will see that “TestCGN” Cipher Group does not exist.  I create it, and then select my owa ssl vserver as the vserver to bind it to (I could have selected them all).  The link to the script is below the video – remember TEST before using it in production!

Edit: Completely slipped my mind to disable SSLv3.  I updated the script to disable SSLv3/TLS1, and enable TLS1.1/1.2.  If you have an SSL Profile set this might fail.  Fixed that too :-)… and updated the video.


Aug 282015

This post will be short and sweet.  I just wanted to post my first attempt at Powershell scripting against Netscaler.  Click here

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This script will connect to your netscaler (I have it do it on a gui enabled snip instead of the nsip, but  you can do it against the nsip… again read the comments).  If the NS is in a HA pair it will report if they are up or down.  Grab all vservers – report up/down/degraded… if degraded it will tell you which service is down.  Then it grabs all the gateways – reports up or down.  Finally it looks for any ica sessions, and will report if they are using Framehawk or not (requires NS 11.0 62.10 or above).