Feb 152018
OneDrive folder redirection in XenApp 7.15

My client wanted to redirect the personal documents for the published applications in XenApp to the local OneDrive folder on the user’s devices, and if possible, to create a OneDrive folder shortcut in XenApp looking exactly as the local OneDrive client in the file explorer. Mission accomplished. Discover how I have done it in this […]

Sep 302016
Quickly replicate XA/XD applications to another delivery group

Environment XenApp 7.6 700+ Delivered (published) Applications 60+ Windows servers (2008 R2 and 2012 R2)   Scenario Recently I had a request to replicate 100+ applications from PROD to QA, using QA server configured with identical applications and identical application locations/paths. Obviously all paths to EXE files need to be the same in order for this […]

Feb 242016

Have you ever looked at director and saw a user had a very long login, and wondered how the hell you could find out who that was?  I wrote a script to help you out a bit! Here is the script Read it!  There are places you will have to edit to allow it to run […]

Feb 072016
Microsoft File Server Cluster in VMWare

Continuously Available File Server (CAFS) CLUSTER DOCUMENTATION Contents1 – Server components and network configuration2 – Quorum disk configuration2.1 – Quorum disk mapping on server CAFS12.2 – Quorum disk mapping on server CAFS23 –Cluster feature deployment3.1 – Add the Cluster Feature on server CAFS13.2 – Add the Cluster Feature on server CAFS24 –Cluster Configuration validation5 – […]