Nov 132020

We recently purchased a 28 Node Nutanix setup. We currently have a good chunk of Citrix VAD in VMware. During the design, I was a bit confused about what plugin went where. After looking back, It’s straightforward now. I wanted to take the opportunity and help put this little quick guide together. That people who go through this can understand what the plugins are and where they go. These plugins are what allow you to integrate Nutainx into CVAD Infrastructure.   Thank you Kees Baggerman and Jarian Gibson for all the advice.

  1. To get to the Nutanix Plugs for Citrix:

Machine generated alternative text:
Search Anything 
Hypervisor Bundles 
Hypervisor Bundles 
Eliminate the complexity 
Starting from ADS 5.16, 
For dark-site AHV upgra 
You have not configured Support 
rce delivery via comprehensive app- 
hrough the Life Cycle Manager (LCM) 
nload the latest Nutanix Compatibilf 
Releases prior to ADS 5.16 can be upgraded using LCM, or by One-Click using the 20170BG 
AHV ISO files are used for (re)imaging AHV (Foundation, Expand Cluster, manua 
Additional resources: 
AHV integration packages for 
can be found in the drop-down box
  1. The link will discuss


  1. Director

Nutanix Plugin for Delivery Controllers

You need to install the Nutanix AHV plugin for Citrix XenDesktop setup wizard on all of your delivery controller. Download the plugin as the screenshot above.

  1. install this for the MCS (Host connection Integration.)
  1. You need to open PowerShell as an admin and install it in my experience lately.
  2. This part is for the HOST Connection for Studio 
Machine generated alternative text:
Nutanix AHV plugin for Citrix XenDesktop Setup Wizard 
Setup Type 
Ci-mse he type hat nits yar '*eds 
KS Citix Xe•OeÖttop wa hstüd 
'KS Citix Ca7*ctr be hst&d 
C) pvs 
PVS PkJ# for Citrix be

This plug is what will allow you to add the host connections for the Nutanix Hypervisor.

Machine generated alternative text:
Add Connection and Resources 
use an existing Connection 
XA XO HyperVisor Connection to VSIVCO 
Storage Management 
Storage Selection 
Microsoft' AzureN Classic (Deprecated) 
• Create a new Connection 
Connection type: 
Connection address: 
user name: 
Connection name: 
Citrix Hyper.'isor@ 
Citrix Hyper.'isorS 
Microsoft' System Center Virtual Machine Manager 
VMware Sphere S 
Microsoft' AzureN 
Amazon EC2 
Create virtual machines usi Microsoft' Configuration Manager Wake on LAN 
• Studio tools (Machine Creation Sewices) 
Select this option When using AppDisks, even ifyou ere using Citrix Provisioning, 
Other tools

Nutanix Director plugin

Issue 1

Issue 2

Citrix Director plugin “Unable to connect to the host.”

 How to:

Nutanix integration with Citrix Director

Issue 3

 To run this plugin, you need to run as admin. Right-click run as admin (It through errors when connecting for me when I didn’t this)

  1. The install is straight forward.
  2. Create a local account in PE/PC
  1. To run this plugin, you need to run as admin. Right click run as admin (It through errors when connecting for me when I didn’t this
Machine generated alternative text:
Windows Server 
Citrix Director AHV Connection... 
Nutanix Connection Configu 
Pin to Start 
Microsoft Endpoint Manager 
Server Manager 
Event VI ewer 
•ja service re VI cluster , Exception : System.Net.WebExceptior 
n nection, String apiCategory, Boolean isManagementApi, String qu 
rSheIl ISE 
Pin to taskbar 
Run as different user 
Run as administrator 
Open file location 
e Expl
  1. Setup the Connection
Machine generated alternative text:
ttempting stop.

The documentation says. I am a bit confused—however, it’s ok for me. I am submitting a feature request to get this adjusted.

Nutanix Plugin for PVS

Now, Select the install for MCS. For PVS, Select the install. This will allow you to integrate into the PVS console.

MCS and PVS Plugin overview

Machine generated alternative text:
Administrator: Command Prompt 
"C: \Program Files\Common 
Files\Common -PluginsRoot \ Files\Common Files\Citrix 
\HCLPI ugins \CitrixmachineCreation \ VI . e. e. 8" 
Unexpected argument: C: \Program Files\Common 
Options : 
Rebuild, rather than update, the specified directory cache 
-Pipeline (path to directory> 
Path to pipeline directory 
-PluginsROOt (path to directory > 
Path to plugins root directory (plugins within subdirectories of the root) 
Required: one of -Pipeline or -PluginsRoot, but not both simultaneously 
Example : 
RegisterP1ugins -PluginsRoot Files\Common 
PluginsRoot \ C:\Program Files\Common .e.e.e: Failed to parse {8} 
Files\Common -PluginsROOt "C: \ Progr•am Files\Conmon 
Cl. plugins e. e" 
Update cache mode 
Files\Common .a.e.ø: UpdatePluginDirectory: {e} 
Directory registration output. Errors from on-plugin/ adapter/contract assemblies may appear, and are usually benign: 
Complete. Check the output above for errors relating to adapter/contract/plugin assemblies . 
C: \Pmjgram Files\Common

Deploying Machines with XD wizard.

 If you are used to using the streaming setup in PVS, this section will help you.

Important considerations when using Nutanix Acropolis hypervisors

When using Nutanix, consider the following:

  • Please do not delete the NIC of a provisioned VM and then re-add them.
  •  Linux VMs and BDM partitions are not supported.
  • Only the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup Wizard is supported, not the Streamed VM Wizard.
  • Acropolis hypervisors use snapshots for setup wizard device creation and not templates (like VMware) for VMs.
  •  Ideally, a snapshot that will be used as a template for VDI does not have an attached hard disk because the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor does not remove the hard disk during provisioning.
  • When you deploy machines that boot from BDM ISOs, the ISO is mounted in the snapshot. The
  • provisioned VMs are set to use PXE boot and must be manually changed to boot from virtual
  • optical Drive.
  •  For PXE booting, you must use a command-line option to set the VM boot order to network before


  •  When manually adding a Nutanix AHV host using the Virtual Host Connection Wizard, not

enough information exists to communicate with the Nutanix AHV hosting unit effectively. This

information, provided by the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops DDC, is not shared with the

Virtual Host Connection Wizard. As a result, this information is not used to verify credentials.

Therefore, the Verify Connection button in the Virtual Host Connection Wizard is disabled for

Nutanix AHV hosts.

  • Acropolis hypervisors use snapshots and not templates for VMs. So, a snapshot will reflect in the PVS wizard as a template when using Acropolis 
  • If using BDM iso, attach it and then the way it is deployed with all the PVS Target.

 Process Change from VMware Streamed to PVS XD Deployment Wizard.

The problem I had

Typically, we attached a D drive to a VMware Image, then copy the machine and convert it to a template. Then use that template when deploying devices. We used the awesome BIS-F to move logs, WEM and add some 3rd party tools integrated into BIS-F. What we found that during my experience was that because the Xendesktop wizard adds a D drive during the creation of the PVS targets (which was cool) Before that, when I tried to seal it, it wouldn’t work and would error out because the Snapshot (Which is a template in AHV) didn’t have a Drive. When I changed it not to use a D Drive in the BIS-F GPO settings, it would seal but leave everything in place on the C Drive. There may be a better way to do this, But I was used to how I did it and wanted some similar. I could have created a GPO and placed it on the targets, and maybe it would have moved it? I am not sure. So, we came up with these steps to achieve what we wanted.

  1. Take a snapshot of the VM in AHV before adding the Drive. We don’t want the template pushing the D Drive because once you provision machines, you will have a D Drive and an E drive (PVS will create it write cache in the wizard)
  2. Now after the snapshot, Add the Drive-in Prism Elect
  3. Make sure you put the vDisk in Private mode so that we can add the Drive. 
  4. Log in as Local Admin 
  5. When adding the D drive, only MBR is supported GPT will not work. )
  6. The Cache disk must be Basic Disk, not Dynamic 
  7. The format is with NTFS. 
  8. Please give it a Drive letter, Shutdown the machine, Put it back into Standard mode.
  9. Boot back up into a maintenance
  10. Now you can run the BIS-F, and this will get moved to the D Drive.
  11. Now when deploying new machines, Select the Snapshot in the that PVS wizard shows form AHV (Which doesn’t have the Drive) You took this before adding the hard disk
  12. Deploy the machines. They allow PVS to create its unique write-cache drive.
  13. Once the PVS Targets are up, you will see it has a D Drive (created by the PVS wizard). You will also notice it will have what you did in the image with the logs ect.

Machine generated alternative text:
• vDisk Pocl 
All vDisks defined fcr this site. 
vDisk Update Ma... Manage vDisk updates for this site. 
Citrix Desktops Setup 
aril Mrtud 
Select the Citrix Virtual Desktops Hoä Resourcesyou wart to use 
Citnx Virtual Desktops Host Resources 
XA XO Connectiorto VS II'COI MFA 
XA XO connectionto VSIVCOI-PROD 
XA_XD Connection
Machine generated alternative text:
aril Mrtud 
Select the Citrix Virtual Desktops Host Resourcesyou wart to use 
Citnx Virtual Desktops Host Resources 
XA XO Connectiorto VS I I'COI MFA 
XA_XD Netwtk connectionto VSIVC01 PROD 
Citrix Virtual Desktops Host Resources Credentials 
credenti± Deaktop.

This is really a Snapshot, AHV will use it as a template from the PVS side.

Machine generated alternative text:
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Select the Tenplateyou we-it to use. 
Select a template forth* anx VMuaI Host Resources. 
before pvs 
Task Sequence 
Evolve and Upd*ed Venrt In—alled 
Fresh Image 
Fresh Image 
emolat± - F S VDI Lesk:op 
Select the VOA vet*lon in—alled on this template: 
7.9 to access the latest features)
Machine generated alternative text:
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Select an existhg v C*sk 
•andard•mode v Disk 
XA7-8as s 
Machine generated alternative text:
vDisk Update Ma... Manage vDisk updates for this site. 
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Select yow Col og p réererces_ 
C) Cre*e a new catalog 
@ Use an existing catalcg 
Catalog name' 
Machine type 
Al ocatim type' 
data : 
Call Suw De"top 
Call su 
Wirdows Client OS 
Machine generated alternative text:
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Select you virtual machine prefs-ances 
Number of machines to create 
god mode 
@ PXEboot a nnning P XE service) 
83M disk icreäte boot device marager pattior;
Machine generated alternative text:
vDisk Update Ma... Manage vDisk updates for this site. 
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Select a tuarix Acropolis hyper•tiscrcortainer 
Cont ner: 
defa airier-8524950594030 
uanix VS It" TXFSCI ctr 
Machine generated alternative text:
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Select computer account option. 
@ new ECOuntS 
C) import existing accounts
Machine generated alternative text:
vDisk Update Ma... Manage vDisk updates far this site. 
Citrix Desktops Setup 
Ctnx 'vinual is installing the follc•ning settings and components 
Catalog name 
VOA version 
Citrix Desktops 
Netwods for N TX Remunze3 
Virtual machine template 
Memory per VM 
Local cache 
80ct mode 
Active Ctrectory accounts 
Curren vrual machine: 
CS Sl_pport Desktcg 
VDI PVS Random 
7 S (recommen&d to access the latest features) 
Templ*e - RVS VDI Desktop 
8192 MB 
Create I

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