Jun 042020

How to automate NetScaler ADC firmware upgrades from NetScaler ADM

ADM is neat, and Citrix did a fantastic job on the product. One of the things I would like to do is automation of scheduled NetScaler firmware upgrades. With maintenance Jobs in ADM you can. Here below is a quick guide on how to achieve this for an MPX HA pair. 

Networks>Maintenance Jobs>Create Job

For me it’s a HA pair, select upgrade Citrix ADC/Upgrade Citrix ADC HA

Give it a name and add the NetScaler’s instances for the Upgrade Job.

Select them here.

Choose the File share of the location of the Firmware

You have two options, you can execute now or later. You can schedule this around change control  times.

For now, it looks like this. They must be set 1 hour apart. Meaning, it will upgrade the one now @ 1:27 pm, and select the time for 2:27pm will start the other device.

Later looks like this

You can see here that it has started already for the “Now” Job I created

Let’s look at the execution summary and see what it actually did.

So, it actually followed the steps as if you were doing the manual way.

Secondary is completed.

Let check, the new firmware version. This looks correct.

It sent me an email, and this is what the report looks like

In the Job summary it will show you this.

Now in 50 minutes it will do the primary. As I was on a meeting, it upgraded this. So let just show some screenshots

Let check the other Node!

As you can see this is some cool stuff, and It can do way more than this. Hopefully, if time permits, I can’t show you more in the ADM realm